STEM Camp 2016

August 8, 2016 @ 8:00AM — August 12, 2016 @ 4:00PM

STEM Camp features two workshops sessions—morning and afternoon. We have new workshops to offer, and some popular ones returning. We will provide you and your campers with an engaging week that pushes creativity, exploration, problem solving and fun.

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Classes include:

Battling Robot Fun!- Workshop to be held at AHS robotics lab

This hands-on, engaging class will be led by students and mentors from the Anacortes High School FIRST Robotics team. Students will build and program robots using Lego Mindstorm NXT/EV3 microcontrollers and the RobotC programming language. You will learn how to design and build functioning robots to compete in a challenging and fun-filled competition. Become a part of the 10% of the people in the world who have had the opportunity to build and control a machine from scratch. The future is now! Instructors: Anacortes High School Robotics Team Members and Mentors.

Medical Science Introduction—Workshop will be held at Island Hospital

This will be a daily adventure to different departments at Island Hospital. Campers will have hands-on opportunities to peek into different career paths that may lead you to great places. Hospital professionals have put together an amazing week where you will be introduced to the laboratory, emergency room, physical therapy, surgery, organizational leadership and management, and more. Come be inspired to make a difference in medical science in your community. Instructors: This workshop will be led by Lori Hrovat and Kathy Corrion of Island Hospital, along with many other I.H. practitioners.

Anacortes Statistics Olympics

Students will compete in the 1st annual Anacortes Statistics Olympics. They will choose the events and go through the process of creating mathematical formulas for determining how each competition should be scored to produce a true champion. Students will see how equations are used in sports in a variety of forms, giving them a unique opportunity to apply mathematics. This will be an active class. Students should wear comfortable clothes and shoes that can be worn in the gym. Instructor: Nate Dunham, AMS Math Instructor.

Kitchen Science

Learn some of the essential chemical reactions that take place in the kitchen and how they make our food more edible, nutritious and tasty! This workshop will focus on scratch cook- ing recipes (no processed stuff) using wholesome ingredients that you will get to sample a lot of and enjoy! One day you might see how yeast works, the next how to "bloom spices." Join us in the kitchen and develop skills you will use for a lifetime! Instructor: Jackie Davison, chef and owner of Potluck Kitchen Studio.

Boating Safety and Navigation—certificate course!

We will cover boating safety basics for all vessels—from paddleboards to kayaks, from sail to power boats. We'll talk about specifics of boating in the Northwest including boating rules in Washington, U.S. and International waters. Campers will also receive instruction in navigation and charting, including reading charts—longitude and latitude, plotting your position and recognizing a wide range of "aids to navigation". Campers may take a final exam to obtain a certificate that can be used for a "Boater's Education Card" - necessary to operate a marine vessel with 15 hp +. Instructor: John Milczewski, Public Education Officer, U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 11, Bellingham. Former middle school teacher and U.S. Coast Guard retired.

Plants to Plastics—Chemical Engineering

When plastic items are thrown in the trash, they can quickly pile up in landfills and create a big mess! In this class, you will use your chemical engineering skills to explore polymers, engineer bouncy balls, learn about problems created by traditional plastic materials, and engineer bioplastics—plastics made from plant-based materials—as a potential solution to current plastic problems. If time allows, you will also learn about process engineering as you engineer a process for making ice cream. Instructor: Jody Dylan, Science Specialist for Mt. Erie Elementary School.

Video Production and Editing

In this new workshop you will create a completed video. It will include a storyboard, video shoot, editing and other production skills. You will develop organization skills as well as your creative talent. Instructor: Nate Weeks, ASH senior and award winning amateur videographer.

Art and Science

We will create art objects. It could be a moving sculpture, an art piece from random materials or who knows what? This will be a time to explore your artistic creativity, problem solving and engineering skills. Instructors: Michelle Romag, Maggie Santos, ACYA Board members, STEM Committee members, and parents.

Rocking Recreation

Get outside and get going! One day you may be hiking, geocaching or honing your Ultimate Frizbee skills. On another day you may be biking on Guemes. Activities are in the planning. If you want to enjoy what our area offers in summer recreation, this is the workshop for you. What we know for sure—you'll be challenged and outdoors. Campers need to have good walking shoes, bikes and helmets. Instructors: AHS Girls Swim Team.

Intro to Computer Programming—Unlock your creativity and get behind the screen

Anyone can code (aka "program"). These skills tap into every student's creativity, ana- lytical skills, and critical thinking. It's not just for the geek inclined anymore. Explore what it takes to actually program. Who knows? Perhaps your future will include creating a game, animation, or building a virtual workshop. Push your limits and see where you can go?! Workshop uses SCRATCH from MIT. Open to girls too. Instructor: Sierra Scamfer —AHS Senior. Stacy Molitor (AHS Math and CS Chair)

Event Location

Anacortes Middle School
2200 M Ave.
Anacortes, WA 98221

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